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Dump Dick Durbin

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Durbin to propose Social Security commission

Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin announced Wednesday morning that he will introduce a bipartisan bill to create a Social Security commission tasked with making the program solvent for the next 75 years.

This guy does not care about the deficit. He just wants to steal our retirement. So dump him. He is up for reelection in 2014. Can no one be found to challenge him? No Democrat to take him on? No emergent party candidate to go after him? Couldn't Rich Trumka call Durbin up and remind him of what happened to Blanche Lincoln after she ignored the Democratic base?

Seriously, dump Dick Durbin.

Durbin certainly is not popular with Illinois bloggers

If you read Fred Klonsky's blog you realize that the Illinois Democratic party has become a cess pool of kleptocracy.

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probably wouldn't get his Grand Bargain, more appropriately called the Great Betrayal (altho' Durbin didn't use that name). Jon Walker opened with this graf in Durbin Not Optimistic about Grand Bargain:

One of the best pieces of news I have seen in awhile is that Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) is not very optimistic about a grand bargain being reached. He currently puts the odds at less than 50 percent. From The Hill:

The odds of a grand bargain deficit-reduction deal are less than 50-50, Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) said Wednesday.

Durbin said that the need to raise the nation’s $16.6 trillion debt ceiling this summer will provide an “opportunity” to forge a deficit bargain that raises tax revenue and reforms entitlement, but gave a relatively pessimistic assessment.

“I think it is less than 50 percent that we get there ,” he told reporters at a Wall Street Journal breakfast.

I'm not sure why Walker, who is greatly opposed to BO's GB, would take heart from these statements by Durbin. Clearly, he sees more "opportunities" for kicking seniors and the poor coming up.

Now, per this post, he's going up the ante by creating yet another "opportunity: " Cat Food Commssion Three.

Damn him and damn Obama. Most of the Dems are craven ineffective Corporatist running dog lackeys. Well, make that ineffective for us in the lower econ quintiles; quite effective for their Corporate masters.

There's hardly any good news coming out of any Dem activity any more. Except for Liz Warren.

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Durbin said he is personally open to further privatization of Medicare as long a private insurers are forced to “play by the rules” that Medicare uses to lower costs

If Obama backs cuts to entitlements, Durbin believes enough Democrats would support the president to get a bill through Congress.

“If a president comes up with a reasonable approach which ends up giving years of solvency to Medicare. ... I think that many Democrats will come around to that position,” he said. Obama’s imprint on the proposal would shield many members from grassroots anger, he said

Obama has repeatedly floated a change to the formula used to calculate entitlement benefits, called the chained consumer price index, as a possible cut. Liberal Democrats in the House and Senate have objected to the proposal.

“I think chained CPI is a real possibility, only if it crafted in the right way,” Durbin said. The proposal would have to raise the minimum Social Security benefit to the poverty level, and provide the very old with a bump up in benefits, he said.
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This is the Democratic Party on Corporatism.