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Dumb as a Post Comment of the Day

This was written on a a MyDD thread, He Kept Us Out of a Depression (not really a genius title in itself):


as always, Obama generously and unselfconciously casts pearls before ungrateful swine. He's so good at it, one can almost believe he thinks they'll appreciate the value and transform, miraculously, from self-absorbed whiny wallowers into something resembling an informed adult electorate.

I take the simple and pramatic route. If I try to help someone out and they shit on me - they're on their own. I bet if we shit on Obama long enough, we'll eventually convince him we aren't worth the effort. But let's hurry, because we have less than 3 years!

by QTG 2010-02-17 05:30PM | login to reply | 0 recs

Hey QTG, who tells you when to breathe?

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Submitted by kerril on

the non-believers? Smite us?
I'm really starting to wonder if losing their marbles is the only coping mechanism some of these guys have.

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Submitted by deniseb on

you have to feel sorry for this pitiful one.