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Is DU 2L4O? If not, why not?

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Two polls I started at Democratic Underground (note: data may have changed since screenshots taken):

1. Are you a liberal?

2. Is Barack Obama a liberal?

And yet 2L4O is "offensive" to the DU mods....

Maybe I need to make shirts that say, "I'm a liberal, Barack Obama isn't, and that's just fine with me!"

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Submitted by Valhalla on

since according to this comment:

{a} Liberals believe that "the system" can be fine-tuned for everyone's benefit;

{b} Progressives believe that "the system" needs a radical overhaul

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Submitted by vastleft on

just isn't universally held. I use the simple guideline that liberals are more legit than progressives because many -- including almost all elected Dems -- are scared shitless of being called "liberals," because it's tantamount to "socialist." Not many fear the "progressive" tag, thus I conclude it's the weak-tea variant.

I've heard "liberal" spat out like a profanity, but never "progressive."

As has been raised here before, some prefer "lefty," etc.

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FDR was a liberal, or at least governed as such. Almost everyone agrees with that. The conservative attacks on "liberal" were and are their way of trying to undermine FDR's legislative victory. (Really, look at the history of the conservative movement, or more contemporary counterparts like Grover Obama, I mean Norquist.) By running away from "liberal" and "liberalism" they are, in essence, running away from FDRs legacy. Is it coincidence that full scale adoption of "progressive" correlates with decreased liberalism? Even back in 2000, the term "liberal" was used to trash Gore and Dems. Dems hadn't adopted the full-on "progressive" moniker until after that, at least I don't remember the massive distinction at the time on levels we see today.

Keep in mind, Kos is a self described former Republican with libertarian leanings and we all know Ariana Huffington's past. The "rebranding" of Democrats as progressive was more a moving away from FDR/LBJ liberalism toward libertarianism. Granted, the early days of the Progressive Caucus was about liberalism, but it has since morphed into Schwarzenegger/Obama style libertarianism that is marketable to lefties. Not all progressives are libertarians just rebranding, many are committed liberals that have been coopted by their more aggresive libertarian counterparts.

When I use progressive (without quotes), I refer to the Kos/Huffington types who, from my vantage point abandoned the sinking GOP ship for the more on the rise Democratic party, bringing with them their leanings toward the "F-you society".