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Drop Jim Webb A Thank-You Note

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Hat tip to shawnod at the Great Orange Satan.
Webb kept his promise. Legislation he introduced on his first day in the Senate was signed into law today:

The following is a statement from Senator Webb:
"This is a great day for our veterans. This bill properly provides a modern and fair educational benefit to address the needs of those who answered the call of duty to our country--those who moved toward the sound of the guns--often at great sacrifice.
"Eighteen months ago, we began with the simple concept that those who have been serving since 9/11 should have the same opportunity for a first class educational future as those who served during World War II. Today, we have accomplished that goal.
"I would like to emphasize that this is not simply an expansion of veterans' educational benefits. This is a new program, a deserved program. It has now been nearly seven years since 9/11 -- seven years since those who have been serving in our military began earning the right for a proper wartime GI Bill.
"We have delivered this new, robust GI Bill with a great deal of collaboration and cooperation among members of the Senate, members of the House, and with the guidance and support of all of our nation's leading veterans' groups.
"It also gives me confidence and renewed hope that the Congress can begin working more effectively across party lines to do the work of the people."

George W. Bush did not sign the bill in public with Webb and the cosponsors present, as is customary for a bill; benefits in this will go toward post-9/11/01 veterans, and had the margin of victory in Congress been even a little lower for this important legislation, Emperor C Plus Augustus, he of the "Where's the Plane" washout from TANG flight status, might have vetoed the bill.

Would have been right up his alley to behave that way.

But drop Webb a line to say thanks, and if your legislators supported the bill, do the same for them. Rewarding good behavior is as important as is making sure they understand when you think they've effed up.

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But I do question why they couldn't have included Vietnam era vets who had a very deficient GI bill for their service. It surely wouldn't have hurt them, since most vets in that category are already in careers, some who are retired. But it would have been a nice gesture for a group of vets who never got much help from the government for their sacrifices. Quite frankly, why not include all vets from any era who haven't used up their benefits (which were very deficient to start with)?