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Drones, the view from Pakistan

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America's anchorless drift into militancy

As the American public's eyes were transfixed on their televisions waiting to see who would win the 2012 presidential election, inhabitants of the world's badlands were looking to the sky waiting for death to rain down, - compliments of a drone. Political analysts have thus far been unable to understand what "mandate" was delivered by the American people, who came out in droves to vote. While Americans were divided along progressive-conservative lines for domestic issues, the underlying consensus shared by all was in favor of allowing the president the right to secretly conduct a drone war against perceived enemies.

This is to be expected from hawkish conservatives who disregard legal norms in favor of pragmatic security goals, but alarming when the idea of "just killing" starts gaining traction amongst progressives, who are supposed to be the guardians of peace and diplomacy. This oxymoronic liberal militancy is epitomized by President Obama, and the lack of open critique of his policy amongst the left demonstrates that progressive minds in the country have lost their moral anchor, which they need now more than ever.

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