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Drive-by commenter leaves Michael Kinsley whimpering

As much as I can stand:

David Brooks has an excellent column today, and not for the usual reasons that liberals praise Brooks (and he drives conservatives crazy): because he comes halfway toward us. It’s because, in discussing the US Attorneys story, he nails a distinction that I, at least, was struggling with ... .

['Scuse me a moment. There. That feels better. Sorry. Whenever I hear the name "David Brooks"--dammit. 'Scuse me again...]

The commenter, Jim, Liberal, asks:

Who's "us", Kemosabe?

Exactly. Kinsley, Klein, and the rest of 'em have long since ceased to speak for anyone but the Beltway 500 and their masters in the VRWC.

They enabled the war, and they enabled the frivolous, shallow, court-like, deferential, aristocratic, cocktail-wienie munching Beltway culture that left us with a political immune system so weak it couldn't resist the likes of George W. Bush.

There's no "we" here. We're going to be cleaning up the mess you left us for quite some time.

NOTE Can anyone name a liberal that praises Brooks? 'Cause I'd like some evidence on that one....

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