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Dreading the coming primary wars

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A bit of a break from the Wikiliki brouhaha.

There's a blog I read regularly which was a haven to me during the 2008 primary wars. I think it's already beginning to schism because of the approaching election.
And this is just because of different attitudes towards the GOP.

So I shudder to think of what will happen in the left blogosphere if/when someone on the Dem side actually does decide to primary BO. Or if someone tries to run Indy.

Anyone else dreading the coming Guelf-Ghibbeline conflicts?

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I don't care what happens to either of the legacy parties, neither one is going to change the corporate control of this country. The Republicrats represent the far right and the lunatic right. Everybody else can go get drug tested if they're not happy with our political system.

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Submitted by mass on

in the next election cycle. It seems to me the people who will try and recruit a primary candidate are depressed Obama supporters from '08. They'll likely hitch their wagon to some other candidate I don't care for. So, to answer your question, nope, I'm not worried about it.

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Submitted by Joe on

Since I have absolutely no intention of voting for anyone with a D next to his/her name, I couldn't care less about the democratic primaries. It doesn't even matter of a real lefty challenges Obama. Not even the best lefty in the country can fix a broken institution.

I'm only interested in independent or 3rd party challenges from the left. That's where all my time and money will go.

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... That The Confluence is not a GOP blog nor has any intention of becoming one. It just so happens that some front pagers think the way Dems are going to lose in 2012 is by alienating the working class. Attacking Palin is a stupid move. No one at our site is a political supporter of Palin. But we are supporters of her right to be treated like a human being and by extension, anyone who is mislead to support her.
I think we can move on to other topics now. There's a lot to discuss besides Palin. The left made a fool of itself over DWTS. If it wants to waste its time demonizing a nice lady from Alaska to make itself feel special, I can't stop it. But we can give the whole kerfuffle less prominence.

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... and although "nice lady from Alaska" doesn't really ring true for me.

And Corrente isn't an R or a D blog at all, though posters may take their own positions (and display adaptability when Darwin enters...). My own view is that the legacy parties are a single system, possibly with components that hate each other, and the entire system needs to go. So that's one reason that I dread the primaries, beyond the candidates and the tribalism and the Inside Baseball and the kabuki.

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Submitted by votermom on

idea that TC could turn into a GOP blog is absurd. It's too bad that standing up for civility is enough to get accused of GOPness.

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Submitted by mass on

I think(?) that is where VM is coming from. I mean, people can criticize Palin without attacking her, and LI's post was just refuting arguments Palin made about Hillary Clinton and other feminists. Someone said that bringing up Palin's criticism of Hillary made one a Hillary cultist or something. That's silly. Many of us didn't like when Hillary was smeared and taken out of context by the whole Tammy Wynette brigade in the first place, and not because we were cultists but because it was a false meme intended to be divisive.

I don't underestimate Palin because she's built a faithful following and she's used the media to her advantage. But I know I'm not Palin's target voter. I'm like a liberal, LOL. I don't know why some people can not differentiate between PDS and fair criticism, but your site has been very balanced on that.

Submitted by lambert on

Falsity is comparatively easy to identify, unlike intent.

I don't think that being "divisive" is necessarily bad, in the same way that not being "civil" is necessarily bad. The social dynamics behind both words seem more about who has the power to define what's divisive and what's civil, rather than anything else.

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The left made a fool of itself over DWTS.

Since I don't spend much time reading sites that I've found to be time-wasters, I find myself out of the loop a lot, but I'm still startled by a statement like this. I wouldn't even know what you were talking about, except that there was one person in my breakfast club whose main entertainment appears to be all things Palin.

I don't think I'd call anyone who takes DWTS seriously or who obsesses over right wing entertainers like Beck or Limbaugh part of "the left". Those are not people who are going to be good workers for the society in any case.

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Submitted by votermom on

(like TalkLeft) but the media pretty much did too.
The girl was getting death threats and fake anthrax in the mail.

(And for the record I refudiate anyone who attacks a pol's kid for the sake of taking down the parent. Foul play, that.)

Submitted by libbyliberal on

Greens can't possibly build their party so many think?

Why are not disenfranchised liberals flooding this party? A moral and sane agenda is just not worth backing with "if we can't immediately win behind this party we won't follow conscience and support it" Americans?

Australia Greens are gaining momentum cuz the major parties are so much alike. Dem spin is getting more and more obvious. Do-nothing Dems can't begin to stand on morality. Cannot promote empathy. Fight for human and civil rights.

Dem primary? Who from the in need of draining legacy Dem party limpid, tepid, craven one end of the Congressional swamp is going to rally against Obama? We need some political iconoclasm. Green Party calls out every dimension of the corrupt status quo. Why not organize around it? Conscience, courage and compassion. Got it? Go Green!