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Dr. Jill Stein & the “Green New Deal” Recovery Plan for Ailing America

According to the Green Party’s 2016 Presidential candidate, Dr. Jill Stein, the Democratic Party cannot be trusted to defend the “interests of regular people.”

Stein declares:

“We need our own party, organized by, led by, and founded by, WE the people NOT the corporations!”

“My Power to the People Plan is for deep system change, from greed and exploitation of corporate capitalism to a human-centered economy: PEOPLE, PLANET, PEACE OVER PROFIT!”

The bottleneck for healthy change in America Stein identifies as our current political “representatives” who no longer represent the citizenry but the corporations. Stein stresses that “corporate personhood” must be abolished and serious electoral reform must be implemented to “end the stranglehold of money on our government.”

Since the Green Party does not accept corporate funding it stays committed to the needs of ordinary citizens.

Stein recognizes that the corporate elite and its media are in league against the needs of everyday people as well as her own campaign. She continues to battle a ferocious corporate media blackout as she attempts to promote her Green New Deal campaign for environmental, economic and social justice.

The media and its corporate overlords do not want American citizens to realize they have an option to vote for the GREATER GOOD, not simply to choose and settle for the so-called “lesser evil”. They do not want Dr. Stein’s wholesome and humane solutions for our economic and social systems to be explored and implemented. Stein puts PEOPLE OVER PROFIT. She’s a humanist who embraces empathy, cooperation, partnership, not part of a patriarchy that glorifies win/lose competitiveness, might makes right, profits uber alles, etc. anti-values.

Dr. Stein’s grave diagnosis of our current struggling and sick America, that is, the America of the lower 99% of Americans:

One in two Americans live near or below the poverty level. Hardest hit are children, the elderly and students.

49 million Americans have no health insurance. Additional millions are profoundly under-served by corporate-profits friendly Obamacare. The US spends more than any other industrial democracy for health care and ranks a shameful 37th according to the World Health Organization.

Over six million Americans have lost their homes to bank foreclosures.

Over seven million Americans are under “correctional supervision” as the prison industrial complex grows. This number is ten times greater than in 1965.

40 million college students/graduates are in debt.

Over 25 million Americans are unemployed. 50% of young people are unemployed.

Our infrastructure is grotesquely underfunded.

Our tax dollars are obscenely squandered on weaponry and wars for sociopathic advancement of corporations, spreading poverty, misery and death to hundreds of thousands, including our own trusting military-volunteering youth.

Obama’s deportations of immigrants are draconian in terms of conditions, dangers of transfer and arrival.

Obama’s drone usage defies constitutional as well as international law.

Stein stresses how the big banks that crashed our economy are BIGGER than ever under the Obama administration. The 1% “establishment” has become obscenely rich while the 99% continue to sink financially.

“The President is very much part of this establishment. Having campaigned on a populist platform of taxing the rich, saving Social Security, and making the economy fair, the President has once again morphed into an invaluable ally of the economic elite, willing to throw you under the bus.”

“In his … fiscal cliff deal, he did not tax the rich. He largely gave them the store. And he’s now once again looking to cut Social Security – and Medicare and Medicaid.”

The tax breaks of the oft-quoted trickle down economics plan have proven “indirect, ineffective and expensive” observes Stein. Instead of generating jobs, bank and corporate executives have used taxpayer and Fed money for obscene bonuses for themselves and have further betrayed Americans by shipping jobs overseas for bottom line wages to generate even more short-term high-return income.

After eight agonizing years of the Bush regime, 70 million American voters put their trust in Obama who heartbreakingly proved to be, in Stein’s words, a “facilitator for the elites,” rather than a reformer for the 99%.

Also, in terms of the environment, Obama has failed us profoundly and dangerously. According to Stein, continuing on with his “all of the above” energy policy (the hydrofracking, offshore drilling, sabotaging of climate accords, raging militarism in quest for fossil fuels, etc.) means “It’s game over for the climate!”


Dr. Jill Stein not only has made a thorough and thoughtful diagnosis of our sick America but has a treatment plan FOR ROBUST NATIONAL RECOVERY. She compares her “Green New Deal” to the New Deal platform implemented by a politically courageous FDR that set this country right after the Great Depression.

The Green New Deal Objectives:

1) jobs, healthcare and education as a human right;

2) a livable climate;

3) end to immoral and endless wars;

4) bailing out students in debt;

5) restoring civil liberties; and

6) ending immigrant deportations/providing humane path to citizenship.

How would the Green New Deal be funded and implemented?

1) by cutting the bloated military to year 2000 levels (50% budget cut);

2) by taxing the rich (including 0.5% sales tax on Wall Street transactions);

3) eliminating health insurance waste through Medicare for All;

4) jumpstarting a green economy: a) carbon fee on fossil fuel companies, b) phase out/shut down dirty energy production, c) say no to new sources of dirty, climate-changing energy, like fracking, and d) assume democratic control over our energy to save the planet and our children;

5) by ending student debt (“Instead of bailing out the banksters who caused this crisis let’s redirect that money to students who are victims of waste, fraud and abuse.”);

6) by making public higher education free (“GI bill returned $7 dollars in economic benefits for every $1 dollar invested in higher education”);

7) by respecting “immigrant rights as human rights” and creating fair trade agreements (“humane and welcoming” path to citizenship now – not 15 years from now; renegotiations of trade agreements to be FAIR which would end the flow of economic refugees into this country to start with”);

8) by ending the war on drugs;

9) by ending "the wars for oil and other resources that have created a state of permanent, immoral and unaffordable war”;

10) by restoring our civil liberties by repealing the NDAA and the Patriot Act and calling for an end to the growing surveillance state, including the use of domestic drones to spy on citizens;

11) by working toward eliminating the threat of nuclear weapons; and

12) by generating 20 million new living wage jobs to jump start the green economy a) to empower communities to decide what jobs they need to become sustainable, b) to create public sector jobs, and establish a modern Conservation Corp and Public Works Administration, and c) to jump start community-based small businesses as well as worker owned-cooperatives.

A pronouncement about Jill Stein’s candidacy from the internet I read in 2012:

Desperate times require desperate measures. The hour has come to break with the dying two-party system and begin building the new political parties that over half of Americans now say are needed.

The Green Party presidential campaign of Jill Stein is the best opportunity we have today to make that move.

How nice not to have to hold my nose and vote for a supposedly “lesser evil” candidate.

How empowering to embrace the politics of courage, not fear.

Dr. Jill Stein is no spoiler in this 2016 election. She is a savior!


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metamars's picture
Submitted by metamars on

Some citizens are exhibiting strategic smarts with respect to their values, via #bernieorbust .

IMO, greenies should additionally push "#bernieasdemocraticnomineeorbust", and pledge to support Sanders through the primary, but to switch to Stein if he's not nominated.

Blind tribalism is not your friend, whether your on the left, right, or somewhere else....

Submitted by libbyliberal on

metamars, thanks for your comment.

I am thinking tribalism with awareness is a good thing. A great degree of awareness seems vital.

Not existing in a Team Blue foggy matrix, say.

Great that Bernie is inspiring a burn of resistance and decency!

In these surreal and spiritually dark times, advising "not to let the perfect be the enemy of the good" (which I am not addressing to you in particular but what has been leveled at us "purist" types) is no longer worthy of a laugh and a half when the so-called perfect is simple respect for legal and moral law. And the non-perfect is not "good", so much of it anyway. Let's call it evil.

I blame the Obama pragmatic/rationalizers for giving away the store in terms of the social and economic welfare of Americans and sociopathically enabling harm to humanity and the planet. We need recovery after the Bush nightmare. Obama continued the nightmare, along with the Dem party and the media conning us into the "lesser evilism" incremental meme.

I am a "feeler and intuitive" in terms of personality type. But I don't think my commitment to Jill Stein's campaign (and I am also very fond of the Socialist Equality Party as well as the Greens) is a codependent and dangerous slide into blind "tribalism" by any means. I've become very good through the years of waxing iconoclastic.

Bernie has made a commitment to the Dem Party that I don't respect -- to abide by the primary outcome and support Hillary Clinton.

Bernie still seems to support the capitalist establishment and its agenda domestically and internationally. Will he really put people over profit in our economic system when push will come to shove?

Bernie has voted with the Dems 95% of his career.

Bernie is very much a part of the war criminal patriarchy in terms of international relations, militarism and support of Israel. He seems out to lunch on missing the depravity of Saudi Arabia as one example..

Bernie's recent defense of Remington re firearms when the issue was to keep a particular style of weaponry out of easy reach of the dangerously disturbed, not an assault on the second amendment and free enterprise.

His support of the F-35 money pits to service the incomes of Vermonters gives me pause.

Bernie is not sympathetic to the brave whistleblowers like Snowden calling out Deep State corruption and double standardism.

Bernie seems not a real socialist but a capitalist who wants FAIRNESS in economic and social equality and still trusts the overlords have the will to cooperate when the "system" with its Achilles heel re money and the quid pro quo seductions of cronyism encourage covert and illegal but immune collusion.

Bernie seems to be cherrypicking particular liberal and humanist stances which is a good direction, no argument. But having his other and not so few troubling stances go unchallenged is not good.

Hungry people make poor shoppers the saying goes. Bush gave us crumbs. Should we celebrate Obama's or Sanders' croutons, let's ask?

I mean, after all, 8 years of horrifying Bush. 7 years of even more horrifyingly steroidal hypocrite Obama who behind an amiable Dem mask hardened the illegitimate polices of the Bush regime and launched his own constitutional and war crimes. Droning. Gitmo.

Hungry people make poor shoppers.

And those in the Dem Party system so easily are used and discarded by it. Look at Jesse Jackson. Look at Kucinich. Look at Howard Dean. Fasten your seat belt, Bernie. And young, especially, Bernie supporters.

I hope the Bernie people resort to Jill Stein as a plan B when Bernie gets derailed, either before the election or even if he wins it.

There is a lot of healthy consciousness raising going on now, especially about the sins of Hillary and Bill and the Dem Party as a whole. Gobsmacking ones.

I think it was Paul Street who wrote how Bernie is trying to be a humanist and protect 5% of humanity, the American 99%. But he is a patriarch globally. This gives me pause since the same sociopathic elite that are destroying us at home, are also creating mayhem and suffering abroad.

I want to be a spiritually awake person who cares about the global 99%, not just the American one.

We all must choose what to do election time.

When leafleting in the past and hearing people -- those willing to take notice of me -- explain they won't vote for a Green Party candidate because that person won't win, as I try to explain back what should be obvious, because that negativity and cynicism keeps rippling outward in terms of diminishment -- others won't vote for a worthwhile because "others" they assume won't be voting for that candidate for the same reason SUCKS ... guarantees defeat. Guarantees the potential for change and reform to be forever incredibly challenged by people in a lazy comfort zone -- RUT -- of letting others try to fight for what they -- and most of us -- are presently taking so much for granted. .

Most of the time I am an iconoclast.

I had hope with John Edwards and had my heart broken.

I trust Jill Stein and she has given me no call not to. She seems to have both feet on a humanist paradigm. She has exercised personal courage in asserting her humanist stance. She is awesomely smart, has done her homework. I have met her twice and been dazzled by her smarts, and also her earnestness to listen and respect the needs and feelings and thoughts of everyday people like me.

Godspeed to Bernie beating out neocon war criminal greedster Hillary

But I stand by Jill Stein.

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Submitted by metamars on

"I hope the Bernie people resort to Jill Stein as a plan B when Bernie gets derailed, either before the election or even if he wins it."

Well, you are making a moral argument, consistent with your values. I'm generally sympathetic to idealists, even when those ideals aren't mine.

My reference to "tribalism" was mostly directed at the Democratic party tribalists. However, it was also directed at "Bernie tribalists". What possible good can "writing in" Bernie Sanders do? If Sanders loses to Clinton at the Democratic convention, IMO it is far more rational for progressives to vote Green, for Jill Stein.

At the end of the day, I want all Americans to make cost/benefit 'calculations', however imperfectly, to guide their voting. That means loyalty to principles above loyalty to party and/or loyalty to individual candidates. However, it also means loyalty to practical considerations as to whether your vote is likely to wasted, or not. (Just please nobody listen to Democratic or Republican party operatives to decide what would constitute a wasted vote.)

It also means serious consideration of punitive voting, in various manifestations. (BTW, a link in this diary to another diary of mine is broken. Here is the correct link: )

If a person is so idealistic that they can't factor in practical, strategic criteria, well, that is their prerogative.

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Submitted by metamars on

BTW, though I probably won't bother, I've thought about writing a diary about who will likely leave a greater legacy - populist Sanders, or populist Trump - if both of them lose.

The answer is Sanders. Ross Perot already showed the viability of a self-funding, rich populist candidate. However, Sanders has shown that, even in the era of billion dollar Presidential elections, a viable, crowd-sourced candidacy is possible.

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Submitted by V. Arnold on

@ LL
The U.S. is no longer (if it ever was) a bastion of leadership excellence; therefore, Dr. Jill Stein is not qualified by today's standards of mediocrity and that's putting it kindly (mediocrity).