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Dr. Jeffrey Sachs

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on a new progressive movementand a 13 Word Platform.

"The American people have it absolutely right on the three main points of a new agenda. To put it simply: tax the rich, end the wars and restore honest and effective government for all."

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Submitted by nasrudin on

Sachs made his "economist" bones as a "Shock Therapy" practitioner in the 80s, and was a lead actor in the gang of vultures that swarmed on the former Soviet Union in the early 90s, and architect of the ensuing kleptocracy/oligarchy.

He's never accepted his share of the responsibility for savaging the majority in the countries he's targeted, and never repudiated his neoliberal market-fundamentalism -- if/when he does that, I may be willing to pay more attention to him.

Submitted by Lex on

Read his piece in the NY Times last night and thought, "With friends like Sachs, OWS doesn't need any enemies." This is like being endorsed by Larry Summers.

Submitted by Fran on

I think one problem is the lack of historical understanding and knowledge of most people, even educated people. I think that there are some sophisticated people at OWS, but most, as with the majority anywhere, are fairly ignorant of history. There are a lot of important things that are not normally taught in school. There is simply a lot to learn and you have to dig to be informed. I do not think that, because OWS represents the 99%, that anything goes and you can just have a discussion about it. Sachs destroyed the economy of Russia, and look what happened to life span, crime, etc there. This is truly bizarre. The man did not evolve to the opposite belief. If he had, he would not have minded talking about how and why he did! Instead he ran away when confronted.

Submitted by MontanaMaven on

Commenters are right. He's a weasel and a coward. I trust Naomi Klein, not this destroyer of Russia's hope.