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Down by the Border

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Swine flu is still a deadly disease, although as a pandemic it's not as virulent as the avian flu. Still, people are trying to sanitize their personal universes in response ...

Hantavirus, which is harder to acquire, isn't getting easier to survive.

The virtual fence along the border isn't going away anytime soon, regardless of its inimical impact on towns, commerce, and the environment -- just like FEMA. How come the teabaggers aren't protesting this wasteful government enterprise, or the $7 billion dollar genuine fence, with its building and maintenance costs, the DHS hasn't scrapped already despite the proof that it won't work and the myriad groups protesting its construction, from California to the Gulf Coast? Oh, I forgot -- this boondoggle helps keep out brown people.... which means, of course, that it's one of those few things the government gets right, according to the Loud Obbs crowd. Unlike clean water and good schools, which like mines and well-drilling for gas and oil, all ought to be as profit-driven as healthcare. Once they hear about Bill Richardson's effort to improve economic conditions for Native American tribes, they'll be wanting the fence to enclose his state, too. Not that my neighbors to the west would be interested, but sometimes I wish I could swap governors with 'em, not to mention Senators.

Jobs are dropping like flies across the Southwest, too, not just in Texas and New Mexico. Take a hard look at what's happening in California, Nevada, and Arizona.

What's wanted isn't more Democrats -- it's better ones. One Bingaman is worth a half-dozen Baucuses, and it's starting to look like the Junior Senator from New Mexico is no slouch of a voice for common sense. Meanwhile, here in Texas, we're stuck with John Boxturtle and Kay Bailey Hutchison.

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