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Doris Kearns Goodwin (*cough*) defends Obama on plagiarism

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On today's "Meet the Press," Tim Russert asked Doris Kearns Goodwin for her take on the Barack Obama / Deval Patrick plagiarism controversy.

In some ways, it's good for the party to have the best lines that everybody in that party comes up with, the best ideas and patterns... let them evolve into each other as the time goes by, mush them all together.

One question: would they still have to pay a "private settlement"?

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I haven't seen anything so ridiculous since I watched Teddy Kennedy trying his best to question Clarence Thomas during his confirmation hearings...
The media has no shame anymore..
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When Goodwin was done, Russert started in with this segue: "It's funny you should say...." And for half a second, I wondered if he was going to bring up her history on this topic. But instead he raised, as Shane-o did here yesterday, the similarity of some of her remarks to a stump speech by her husband.

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For my part, I normally wouldn't care about politicians ripping off battle-tested applause lines.

But in this case, you have a particular nominee whose greatest asset is his ability to inspire through words.

But now it's clear that he doesn't even write his own lines (even to those Americans who don't know that politicians employ speech writers), so what's left? A guy with a good speaking voice.

Oh well, perhaps next time we can have a Peter Murphy (Bauhaus) / Leonard Cohen ticket in 2012. Too bad one of them is English and the other Canadian.

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You know, the alternative narrative would be that she was rejecting Bill because an exhaustive analysis showed that she wasn't repeating what he said.

The house wins. The house always wins.

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