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Don't you think the word "historic" is getting a bit shopworn?

Especially when it's used to describe performance on transparency that's worse than the Bush administration's:

The agencies cited exemptions at least 466,872 times in budget year 2009, compared with 312,683 times the previous year, the review found. Over the same period, the number of information requests declined by about 11 percent, from 493,610 requests in fiscal 2008 to 444,924 in 2009.

The administration has stalled even over records about its own efforts to be more transparent. The AP is still waiting—after nearly three months—for records it requested about the White House's "Open Government Directive," rules it issued in December directing every agency to take immediate, specific steps to open their operations up to the public.

The White House on Tuesday described the directive as "historic," but the Office of Management and Budget still has not responded to AP's request under the Freedom of Information Act to review internal e-mails and other documents related to that effort.

It would also be interesting to know why the number of information requests declined:

1. Genuine decrease in questions we need answers for?

2. "Progressive" institutions giving Obama a free pass?

3. People figuring it's not worth the effort?

All of the above?

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Given last year's bailouts, healthcare debate and the economic collapse, the numbers should have been much higher, not lower. Anti war progressives may not care about the economy as much.