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Don't wolf your food!

It's healthier to eat slowly.

Also, more pleasurable (assuming the food is good to taste).

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Submitted by gmanedit on

"For ages, mothers have admonished children at the dinner table to slow down and chew their food. Apparently, they’re onto something." There's a phrase for that: Teach your grandmother to suck eggs.

Also, the classic "experts say" at the end.

Re your "more pleasurable": Pleasure is a good guide to whether we're doing something right. It's a crying shame that it's confused with hedonism and decadence.

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Submitted by Jeff W on

The typical Chinese phrase maan6 maan6*2 sik6 in Cantonese, which means idiomatically "Enjoy your meal," translates literally as "Eat slowly."

Not bad advice, really.