If you have "no place to go," come here!

Don't like living in a country with a gerrymandered House? Well, then, move!

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A modest proposal.


Some among you of an esoteric (and perhaps senescent) character may remember the story of that jewel of kundalini yoga, Bhagwan Rajneesh.

(My friend "Nada", one of the many girls who revolutionized the sex industry upon the dissolution of Rajneeshpuram, used to say in her exotic South African accent, "Bhagwan was like heroin"-and she should know...but I digress.)

Back in the day, Bhagwan, perhaps under the goad of needing someplace to park his 18 Rolls Royces, or maybe merely seeking privacy, led his adherents to the sleepy town of Antelope, Oregon. (population who-knows-what, but small enough)

Empowered by voting laws that aggegate voters in geographically designated units, the Rajneeshis quickly took over the whole damn town, and hijinks ensued.

What I'm driving at here?

Since we terminally dropped the ball following the 2010 census, leading to Repugnant domination as far as the eye can see (or until 2020, anyway), can we not identify the fifty or so House districts where the Repugnant hold is slightly less secure, and organize people to move there?

Habitat for Humanity indeed!

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