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Don't Be So Quick With That "Defeated," Josh

Josh Marshall earlier this morning:

(March 26, 2007 -- 11:31 AM EST // link)
Hey, if Al Gore can do it...

Defeated conservative Senator Rick Santorum plans new documentaries on "leftists" and "radical Islam."

From the list of RNC-owned website URLs from our old buddies at

Note the wording: no mention of the word "Senator" in there, izzere?

One might wonder if the Great And Powerful, I mean Powers That Be At The RNC have some plans for dear departed Dog-Botherer Rick that involve other offices?

Check the list of "840 domains sharing nameservers with"--I see a shitload and a half of URLs for Republican candidates, functions, entities, agencies or events (i.e.

oops, ran the highlighter farther down the list than intended, my bad--anyway, there's "" which is not unreasonable I guess, feeble though the effort is likely to be. But nowhere else, not under any other candidates's name, do I see a date farther out than 2008. Except Lil' Ricky. So is he in the "forgotten but not gone" category?

We report. You deride.

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