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Donkeyville, we have a problem

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Dear Obama Camp,

There’s something that should concern us all, even though we’re surely going to look at it differently.

Read this from Paul Lukasiak, the research genius who semi-famously studied Bush’s military records and proved that he’d gone AWOL.

Knock yourselves out with clever put-downs about what Paul has taken leave of here, but this is the unpretty pass that Campaign '08 has brought us to:

Obama supporters actually believe that Obama is capable of effecting positive change through creating unity.

Now, I have voted for a Democrat in every presidential election since 1972. And I’ve never, in all that time, said I wasn’t going to vote for the Democratic nominee. And I started out this campaign as “anyone but Hillary”….and only chose her when it was just her and Obama to choose from because I thought she was more experienced and quailfied, and the country had too many problems to take a chance on someone like Obama. But I had every intention of voting for him, because I wasn’t committed to Clinton, I just preferred her.

I’m not voting for President this year. I won’t vote Republican, but I can’t vote for Obama.


How fucking stupid do you have to be to still think that Obama is capable of the stuff you thought he was capable of a couple of months ago WHEN THE EVIDENCE IS SMACKING YOU IN THE FACE.

Gnash your teeth, bare your fangs, or clutch your pearls and dive for a dainty daybed, if you will.

Proclaim with great outrage, accompanied by fratboy towel-snapping, about our disloyalty and the meaningless of our lifetime commitments to progressive issues.

Moan and wail about who has jumped the shark, become unreadable, lost their minds, and blah blah blah blah blah. Troll away with the superiority and pride of those who see that there's only one way to prove one's human worth: hopping on the Obamawagon.

But the fact remains: a whole lot of deeply loyal Democrats have had their fill of Obama's divisive campaign.

People who would trade their left nut or left ovary to win a couple of swing states and put the GOP out of our misery are searching our souls about whether we can vote for a Democrat who has thrown fully half of his party under the bus, and kicked us for good measure.

Yes, we're assholes, loonies, racists, and closet Republicans. You found us out, muckraking Sherlocks that you are. Once you saw us say a good word about the Clintons or a skeptical word about Obama, you had us dead-to-rights. You love hope, young people, and diversity, and we hate all those things. And ponies, too.

And, of course you're right, that it's Scorched-Earth Hillary who made all this happen, with her boo-hoo victim act every time she's justly smeared.

Be that as it, arguendo, may...

What the fuck are you going to do about getting us to stomach voting for a guy who makes us doubt our commitment -- and our ethical ability -- to mark an X next to the D in November?

For folks like Paul, such thoughts and feelings were once unthinkable and unfeelable. And now they're here.

I repeat. What are you, Obama camp, going to do about this?

You can tell us to smarten the fuck up, and you can talk down to us about how bad the GOP has been (frankly, it's high time you noticed that yourself, Mr. Postpartisanship).

Will that, as we Bubbas like to say, git 'er done?

If not, what else have you got? Because I don't want to join People Who Fucking Despise McCain for McCain. But honestly, you're tempting me, my friends. You're tempting me.

If you knew the first thing about me, Paul, and millions of voters like us, you'd know that you did this to yourselves. Because no one has made us doubt our commitment to the Democratic Party and to the undoing of the Republican Party ever before. Ever. But you have.

So, what are you going to do about it?

UPDATE: I wanted to share with you these thoughts I wrote to a friend whom I sent a link to this post...

I'm aware that you and others may react with "I don't know you, anymore," and I'm deeply sorry for arousing such feelings. I hope that in some way, Obama will show signs of being sorry for arousing such feelings in throw-our-bodies-on-the-train-tracks Democrats like myself. Because he has.

In an alternative universe, where Hillary Clinton were the odds-on favorite to claim the nomination at this point, she'd have similar problems to solve, because there are many on the other side who feel it's her campaign that's beyond the pale. I fully believe she could and would, but that belief and scenario aren't important here.

In the reality we're in, this is Obama's problem to solve, and half a party turns its lonely eyes to him in hopes he'll do something about it.

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Submitted by BDBlue on

I believe I have voted against one Democrat for any office in the last 20 years and that was a relatively low-level State office, although I admit I could be missing one or two lower level offices that I've forgotten (my record would be even better as a voter except I grew up in Republican family and I was a Republican until I was 20, so if you go back 20 years, you can in fact prove I'm a stealth Republican*).

Since my Democratic conversion, I have never been tempted to vote for the GOP candidate for President or any federal office. I will never vote for McCain. But I also am not sure I can vote for Obama. I hear the ends justifies the means issue and goddess knows I don't want to work for McCain appointees. However, I'm genuinely not sure that right now I could make my hand punch the (D). I don't even know what to do with that. I can't believe I won't vote for the (D) after the last eight years. And yet when I think about voting for Obama, my stomach feels sick.

And I started out this election season more than a year ago as leaning Obama and fine with any Democratic candidate. During last year, I waffled between Edwards and Clinton, but still happy with any of them. I went with Clinton near the end of last year because I hated the sexism, was unimpressed with Edwards' campaign, and because I thought she was ready to immediately begin fixing the civil service (a personal, parochial issue, admittedly). But still, even as I canvassed in NH for Clinton, I was an any (D) in November person.

Now, I'm choking on it.

* Of course, support from actual Republicans is something Obama and his supporters embrace.

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Submitted by vastleft on

... was one who was more liberal than the Reagan Democrat he ran against. And it was for state office, so it didn't give the GOP any leverage in Congress, the way voting for an ultra-rare decent Repub like Lincoln Chafee would have.

Submitted by lambert on

It's a matter of keeping my breakfast down when I'm in the voting booth.

Obama runs a campaign whose latest smear is that Hillary wishes he'd be assassinated. Nice. I'm sure all the Republicans in Obama's cabinet will be right on board with both the sentiment and the tactics.

Yeah, I'm sure looking forward to the make up sex, and taking a "leadership position," and all that. Yep.

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] ?????. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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Submitted by gizzardboy on

Let's say, for the sake of argument (and I don't doubt that there will be plenty), that the handwtiting on the wall proves to be correct, and Obama becomes (oh horror of horrors)the nominee.
And let's also say (blah blah blah, see above), that the reaction against the shrub is strong enough to get Obama elected. He tries to get the repugnicans to all join hands with him and sing Kumbaya. It's not going to work. He's a polititian; he can count votes. If we have used our considerable energies in winning enough House and Senate seats for real Progressives, good shit could happen. I'm making small donations to good people and one has already dumped a blue dog.

And no, Paul, I'm not a $4 an hour troll.

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Submitted by vastleft on

I've donated to several potential Blue Dog replacements, and I've also donated to the woman whom I believe is the better and more electable Democrat for the nation's top office.

What I wouldn't have given for the tenor of this campaign to have focused on how to make this a more progressive nation, including a lot more attention to the Congressional races, instead of a groupthink clusterfuck of truthy hopiness, GOP appeasement, and vilification of a fellow Democrat as a racist assassin!

Submitted by lambert on

What's the marginal utility of one more Blue Dog?

I'd say a maximum of zero.

I'd rather have a tighter caucus with some hope of policies I support than a looser and larger caucus that's blackmailed by former Republicans.

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] ?????. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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Submitted by Auntie Meme on

I'm married to a low-level elected official and one of the primary lessons I've learned from him about ethical campaigning and about really giving your best toward being a public servant is: Never take any potential voter for granted. Don't write anyone off. Be dignified, personable and pleasant both while campaigning and while in office. Listen to any and all of them. If you can make a difference in their lives, don't tap dance around it--do it.

That said, the Obama campaign has turned its back on me. They think they'll get my vote by default when their candidate is the nominee. Bad move--alienate the mid-life white women and then take for granted that you'll get their vote anyway. (Many other constituencies his campaign has done this too.)

Echoing what's been said already in this thread, I see no effort toward unifying the party. Toward bringing Hillary voters or Edwards voters or Kucinich voters into the fold. In that regard, Obama and his campaign look supremely politically naive. Hillary is seasoned enough to know that you have to have a big tent and she's tried to win disaffected voters...and has done it. (I supported Edwards earlier this season.)

I know, my invitation to the Unified Democratic Party got lost in the mail.

(And one more thing, Obamians--something I should write in caps: Condescend to me and you're dead to me. ]

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Submitted by BoGardiner on

I, a lifelong committed Democratic woman, a professional environmental activist, had no qualms about pounding the pavement and making calls hour after hour, day after day, for Jim Webb, a man I KNEW in my heart to be a misogynist who doesn't give a shit about the environment.

I have fought for respect and equality for African-Americans throughout my career.

Yet I may not be able to bring myself to simply pull a lever for Obama.

It's too easy to say the problem is with me. Obama could fund a multi-million dollar study to learn the complex and varying psychologies behind the millions of Democrats like me.

But Occam's razor says the simpler answer is usually the correct one.

Something is desperately wrong with this man and his campaign.

Obama continually proves he is unable to understand this simple fact. We see Hillary making mid-course corrections. But with Barack, there has been no understanding, no growth.

It doesn't matter how strong a case one might make that it's Hillary's responsibility to fix this. There's not a thing she could say to me, even alone with me over a bottle of wine in my favorite restaurant, that would make it easier for me to pull the lever for Obama. Her power to fix this is negligible. Like it or not, Obama folks, it's up to him, and you.

I hope, for all our sakes, that you and your leader learn, and grow.

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Submitted by jackyt on

that's just for starters. At the risk of sounding like a doddering old biddy, for my money, good manners are an essential minimum before we let you out on the world stage to represent us.

How can we send ANOTHER person who seems unable to deal with anyone who doesn't agree with him out to mend bridges with the international community? No, I will not be voting for Obama under any circumstances.

Then we come to the DNC. How can I support an organization that allows a key player to boost one candidate and trash another on national television month after month after month? How can I support a party whose leadership demands a winner be declared BEFORE the votes are cast? Exactly how corrupt does an organization have to be before it's not worth spit, much less my support?

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Submitted by kc on

I predicted that if Obama won the nomination, he would 1)let us poor old boomers cool off for a bit, then 2)put on a charm offensive while at the same time shooting us up with fear about McCain Supreme Court nominees. After this pat on the head, we would all be one!

Not so sure now (not that the charm would work anyway, sweetie). The total lack of empathy from this group spells major tin ear. Plus, the stubborness is so GWB that reverse leg tingles are becoming painful. This much is certain, I will never vote for him--he disturbs me that much.

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Submitted by LC on

Paul's journey is similar to mine. I won't vote for McCain (although, I am beginning to wonder about that if, come Nov., the race is unexpectedly close) but I won't vote for Obama (under any circumstances. He could walk on water and I still wouldn't vote for him.)

Setting aside the misogyny and viciousness of Obama's campaign, the simple fact is that he is not qualified to be President and, since he seems to have no principles he will fight for and a total lack of interest (like the Shrub) in niggling little details like facts, I think true Liberals may have to consider, this time around, what is good for the country rather than what is good for Liberals.

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Submitted by amberglow on

-- but nothing could bring me to vote GOP.