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The "Donate" button isn't just the bottom line on emails....

This story from the Hill is hilarious and sad in so many ways:

Some lobbyists say they are extremely frustrated with the White House for criticizing them and then seeking their feedback. Others note that Democrats on Capitol Hill constantly urge them to make political donations.

One lobbyist said, “Bash lobbyists, then reach out to us. Bash lobbyists [while] I have received four Democratic invitations for fundraisers.”

Many on K Street are exasperated with Obama’s use of lobbyists as a punching bag. Some have said they understood why he used strong rhetoric on the campaign trail but are irritated the White House solicits their opinions while Obama’s friends in Congress badger them for political donations.

So what's worse? Lobbyists pretending they're offering "opinions" instead of paying for services?*

Or the service providers constantly upselling and not staying bought?

Or, reading between the lines, the Chicago-style clumsiness and thuggishness of the White House fundraising operation?

NOTE Via (Randall Kohn (DU, of all places)).

UPDATE * As Yves says, "They think their role is legitimate." Just made the rounds of the access bloggers. Oddly, or not, no links...

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Submitted by votermom on

My cynical view is that lobbyists are a permanent evil. But I think it's still possible for a savvy and uncorrupted politician to use them to further her own agenda, rather than vice-versa. That's what Hillary was trying to explain way back in 2007 -- lobbyists are people too but they wouldn't be able to control her.
The power dynamic with Obama in the WH is all messed up.

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Submitted by sisterkenney on

The people that elected you, and in addition, the entire group of citizens you represent! How did it come to pass that the existence of paid shills that bribe and corrupt the legislative process is not only an accepted evil, but something that is considered an endelible part of our government? And the fallacy that one can use them without being tainted is a common motif for so-called populist campaigns, "see, I can take their money, but really I'll screw them and still be on YOUR side". How'd that work for us lately?