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Donald Trump, Prince of Kleptocracy, apostle of greed

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Donald Trump, Prince of Kleptocracy, Apostle of greed, Duke of Bombast and Braggadocio, Earl of Envy, Baron of Bigotry, Count of Cronyism, is the apotheosis of Republican party political culture. Going back at least to the Goldwater campaign, the Republican party has stood for two things, worship of wealth and hatred of minorities. Trump is the logical conclusion of that.

I understand why so many Democrats find him hugely entertaining, but Trump really could become president. Just a month ago I would have laughed at that proposition, but I am not laughing now. So, we need to circulate as widely as possible Trump, the movie. , watch it online.

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Obama has pulled the Overton window further to the right. He's done this virtually unopposed by Democrats (both voters and elected.) So, to vote the lesser of two evils is getting increasingly evil. Thought experiment: what would the country look like if McCain instead had been sworn in in 2009?