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Doing our little bit to nail NPR's Adam Davidson, scum-sucking bankster-lovin' weasel

Here's a massive take-down over at Yves's place from Yasha Levine and Mark Ames. It's got footnotes! From among them:

Read Corrente’s transcript of Davidson’s Elizabeth Warren interview. [?]

From 05/10/2009!* And no, I didn't blogwhore it or anything.

First, maybe this is a tiny little sign that "We are the media" might, over time, slowly be working.

Second, the Davidson transcript is but one small item in Corrente's massive back catalog, making it important -- if we are to be the media -- that Corrente be much more easily searchable than it is today, which is one reason the upgrade is coming!

NOTE * OK, so I wasn't nearly cynical enough about Elizabeth Warren. That doesn't make Davidson any less odious.

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Is solid stuff. It's still new so only a handful of people have gotten the full Ames/Levine treatment but there will be more.

It's strange for me to see those two becoming more serious. They were always solid investigative journalists, but that wasn't all when they were in Moscow. I guess throwing a horse semen pie in the face of your enemies would probably get them arrested here.