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Doing creepy things to our children

Creepy. And just as creepy.

The locution "six pack" is creepy enough.

But a six pack on a five-year-old? Jeebus.

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Submitted by anniethena on

but I saw a woman's costume with a little honesty in its title. (Just about everything else used the term "sexy").
Remember your post about Tim Hortons donuts hitting the U.S.?
I saw a costume called "Tim's Ho" - I don't visit Tim Hortons very often but I've never seen a worker there wearing a food service uniform with a deep V-neck and one-inch inseams on the pants.
If this is where tween-wear is headed, I predict we'll see elf costumes called "Santa's Little Ho-Ho-Ho".

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Submitted by splashy9 on

The one with the little boy is in Romania, home of many world class gymnasts. Perhaps his parents were gymnasts, and he got a double dose of the genetics for it.

That being said, the weight training is probably too much for that young of a child.