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Dogs Used As Drug Mules

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"Dogs Used As Drug Mules

The Scoop • 12/07/13

Forty-nine suspected Latin American gang members will stand trial in Italy after they allegedly used dogs to smuggle cocaine into the country.

According to the police a vet in Mexico forced the large dogs to swallow drug packages before they were flown into Milan.

When they arrived they were killed and dismembered to retrieve the cocaine.

The gang members, who are from Peru, Ecuador and Salvador, will stand trial in Italy.

They are aged between 19 and 37 and are believed to be part of youth drug gangs known as “pandillas”.

The drug trafficking operation was first uncovered in March, when 75 suspects were arrested.

Animal rights organizations have reacted angrily at the trafficking scheme.

Many dogs might have died before they arrived in Italy, as even the smallest leak of cocaine would have been enough to kill them.

– BBC"

Fortunately, it's been a while since I've run across an animal drug smuggling [cruelty] story.

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the post after double-clicking on the blog title.

I used the Full HTML mode and the HTML Tags (old school). Doesn't seem to matter--still only looks "normal" below the fold.

I will see if this happens at other blogs, as well (since I'm on a different computer and operating system).

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I don't know why the toolbar isn't showing up for you. It should always appear with the HTML Tags (old school) format; that's what triggers it.

Try clearing your brower's cache and restarting the browser.

Also make sure you have JavaScript turned on and no add-ons like Ad Blockers or no script; it sounds to me like JavaScipt is blocked somehow, and that's what builds the toolbar.

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guidelines that you posted, but I guess there is still a "glitch" regarding the Windows 7 Professional OS.

Not a biggie. I went back to Reddy's "Tweet" and changed to Full HTML, added the Page Break immediately after it, and it looks fine.

So, thanks.

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of your late evening Tweet, an account that was literally set up less than 24 hours BEFORE your Retweet, was able to reach approximately 300,000 "followers."

The original Tweet was apparently modified (a MT) along the way when words like "horrifying" were added. [Appropriately so, I'd say.]

As a matter of fact, I am still receiving noticies of RTs, MTs, and "mentions."

I will thank you (and one of your followers, who also helped in this endeavor) at NC, as appropriate.

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Yves and her "follower" at NC, this coming week.

If you'd like to trace it, her "follower" was Doktor Buzzo@doktorbuzzo.

And he "modified" the Tweet posted here, but kept my username on it.

Aside from his followers, he sent the "MT" to a stand-up comedian (from what I could tell) by adding @billburr.

And Bill Burr ALONE has a little more than 230,000 "followers."

That's how the figure's so "high," LOL!

(Now, I've made the assumption that Mr. Burr sent a "blanket" Tweet to all his followers.)

I've decided that from now on, I'm ONLY going to post blogs with "Tweets."

I've not had a chance because of family visiting, but I certainly plan to sign up "to follow" at the least the three on the "front-end" of this Tweet, and hope that they have some interest in other Tweets that I initiate. ;-)

See, I didn't realize that you could actually address "Tweets" to specific users. I thought that if one wanted to reach other than a list of followers, they had to use a "hash tag."

Great to know that this is not the case!

It's obvious that Doktor Buzzo sent the MT to Mr. Burr because he KNEW what a huge following he had. I noticed that Mr. "Doktor" follows quite a number of comedians. He shows a California address. Maybe he's in the business--who knows?

Anyway, I'll thank them a bit later. We've got 4 "extra bodies" with us, and are extremely (and very happily) busy at this time.

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But I'll let you wade through the huge Twitter account of Mr. Burr. The RT was done yesterday, so it will take a bit of searching in this large account, but I'm thinking that he didn't modify it any, just did a RT (if I recall correctly).

You'll see that my username "dissectingspin" is on the DoctorBuzz's MT, with the second sentence that I wrote.

Hope that helps.