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Does one of the "secret laws" allow geo-tracking of all cellphones?

An excellent piece from the Cato Institute. Strange bedfellows, and so what?

One more reason not to use a cellphone!

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Submitted by JuliaWilliams on

to drug dealers and terrorists for years. (As if we need warrants and such other antiquated "pieces of paper" related to our "Constitution"). This is the reason Assange travels with "throw-aways" and keeps his cell turned off-and knows the ones who don't track you when they're off, as some will track even if not being used, or on.

Submitted by Lex on

Not sure, but i think that most will be able to track you when the phone is off. They make contact periodically with the towers (you can hear them chirp if there are speakers near the phone).

I think that only tracphones (known as burners in the criminal/drug underworld) are truly safe.

And it gets worse, in Michigan the state police have started asking for phones at routine traffic stops. Then they connect it to a device that scans and downloads all the information...text messages are forever.

But i guess if you do something worth looking for you over, the best bet is to wipe the phone of numbers and stick it somewhere on an OTR semi, then go to WalMart and buy a tracphone.

Submitted by jawbone on

broke big around April 20th of this year. I was trying to find out what the police are using this for -- besides trying to get widest possible info on people.

One article says it can retrieve info deleted by the user.

Reuters covered the story, but the first pages on google seem to be internet sites covering the story. Hartford-Courant, Seattle Intelligencer are there, but, so far, no NYTimes or WaPo. Or big MCM players.