If you have "no place to go," come here!

Does anyone else remember Bush kissing Max Cleland?

Or is Ho Lieberman the only one?

“[LIEBERMAN] My opponent has done his best to distort my record, spending more than $4 million of his own money to mislead people — or try to — into thinking that I am someone I am not,” Mr. Lieberman said. “This is not unlike what the Republicans did to Max Cleland four years ago.”

And I guess I'm a little clear about what's wrong with spending one's "own money"--especially as opposed to spending Big Pharma's money, for example.

The only thing that worries me:

The apparently well-coordinated campaign between the Incumbent's club and the press to sucker the Lamont camp--and the voters--into thinking that Lamont has already won, depressing turnout.

Hey, rubes!

NOTE Of course, I wrote Lieberman off during Florida 2000 when he sold out Al Gore on national TV and bought the Republican line on military votes.

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