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Does anybody know if PHNP was invited to the White House summit on February 25?


Too bad. The censorship and exclusion of the only legitimate policy option than can be shown to work continues.

How anybody imagines that a policy process begun in bad faith can end with good faith is beyond me.

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asking them to encourage the WH to respond positively to the PHNP's request for representation at the meeting.

Gotta start putting the pressure on those who are facing re-election this year. They are about the only ones who feel like they are being watched, and risk consequences in the near future if they don't start acting like they represent the people.

All of mine have a (D) behind their names.

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PNHP sent/faxed a letter to the White House asking that Health Experts from PNHP be invited to the Health Summit. To date the White House has not responded. So, we are joining with our allies in the Leadership Conference for Guaranteed Health Care to hold our own Sidewalk Summit on Thursday in front of the White House just prior to their summit. We are hoping that the President, Kathleen Sebelius and Nancy DeParle stop by and listen to our speakers on their way across the street to Blair House.

You can learn more about our event and how to hold your own Sidwalk Summit in solidarity by going to If you are close to DC, please join us!


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And I hope as many of our DC-area readers as possible will attend and report back!