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Dodd to filibuster against retroactive immunity for telcos, for the Constitution and the rule of law

backbone I was waiting for the other shoe to drop, wondering (praying, if I did pray) that it would, and now it has. (Beltway Dems? Hillary and Obama staffers? I've included a helpful diagram at left, that shows the difference between Dodd and you.)

Amping up his efforts to block the Senate FISA bill containing retroactive immunity for the telecom companies, Senator Chris Dodd's campaign says that he will filibuster the measure if the Dem Senate leadership tries to circumvent the hold he plans to put on the bill.

Dodd's filibuster threat comes in response to reports -- based on anonymous quotes from the leadership's office -- which said that Reid's aides think they can get the bill to the floor despite Dodd's hold.

(See here for my dialog with Reid's office.)

Will Dodd's efforts be enough to break the trad press blackout on this issue?

We can't know 'til we try.

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Of course, Senator Reid's office could make all this go away very easily, simply by saying that he'll follow precedent in this matter, and respect Dodd's hold.

NOTE Notice, again, the vital strategic value of having a news source, like TPM (or FDL) that we can trust. Dodd seems to understand this in a way that none of the other candidates, Edwards included, do.

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Submitted by Sarah on

Edwards, where he's at right now, can't do anything effective (he's not a Senator as I write this), so lumping him in with Obama and HRC actually dilutes the point that the two so-called front-running Democratic candidates are, in fact, NOT standing up for the Constitution, NOT backing Dodd, NOT denying the telcos retroactive immunity, and NOT in any appreciable way distinguishing themselves from the most reprehensible Bush lapdogs imaginable.

Not that that's really news, from where I sit.

Edwards is on the outside looking in. I expect him to make strong and careful statements on this issue, and ask people to vote for him on the basis of giving clout to his stands.

Hilbama? Eh.

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Submitted by lambert on

Elizabeth did say no more of the signing statements. I changed the posts. But from Obama, all we get is a weak statement, and from Hillary:

*** Crickets ***

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