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Dodd signals The Big O won't go to the mattresses for Elizabeth Warren

I'm shocked. And why does Dodd say that? Those meanie Rs might filibuster!

Je repete:

Here's what a "filibuster" means today:

REID: Mitch, I'd like to bring Elizabeth Warren's name forward.

McCONNELL: I'm gonna have to filibuster that, Harry.

REID: Oh, OK [rolls over on back to expose belly, widdles]

If the Ds were serious about the filibuster, they could either (a) use the nuclear option just like the Rs threatened to, or (b) make the Rs do a real, old-time, full-strength filibuster like they did back in the day, where some bloated figure at the rostrum reads from the Bible for sixteen straight hours while the rest of Senators sleep on cots, waiting for a procedural moment to pass the damn bill.

Of course, they're not serious, and while I'm sure that the relationship between the dominant Rs and the submissive Ds is even more widdly-esque than I've described it, nevertheless it's all kabuki, and neither legacy party wants Warren to exercise any more power than is necessary to make them all look like they're not completely owned by the banksters.

Which they are.

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