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Dodd continues to do the right thing, opposes Mukasey


Sen. Chris Dodd, a Democrat from Connecticut, said he will not support President Bush's nominee because Mukasey said the president can overrule a federal statute when the nation's defense is at risk.

"There's no such provision in the Constitution whatsoever," said Dodd, a 2008 presidential candidate.

More like this, please!

"We're a nation of laws, not men, and even the president of the United States is responsible for upholding the law of the land," said Dodd. "So I intend to vote against his nomination unless he changes his view on the question of statutory responsibility, constitutional responsibility."

Those dirty hippies! They want to live under a legitimate, Constitutional government! Pshaw! Sayeth the Village.

Dodd accused the Bush administration of having "trampled all over the rule of law," and added, "I'm not about to confirm a nominee that would continue that process here."

Excellent. And good for Dodd, that he focused on the larger issue of the rule of law, not waterboarding; yes, Mukasey being both pro-torture and unwilling to, well, expose any administration officials to criminal indictment by admitting that waterboarding is torture is bad; but the Republic can recover from that. The Republic can never recover from the end of the rule of law, because when that happens, we're under tyranny.

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Submitted by Woody--Tokin Librul on their confirmation hearings?
Not one!
They say what they need to say to get the job, and then they do whatever the Chimp/Cheney tells 'em to do.
Have the Dems ever prevented a controversial Bush cabal nominee from assuming whatsoever position for which they were nominated? mebbe John Bolton?
And don't gimme the Belgian Ambassador.
Even if Mukasey tells Dodd what he wants/needs to hear, once he's in office, there's absolutely no way to prevent him from, or punish him for, reneging on those statements.
Last week, that peerless "Liberal" shitheel Diane Feinstein voted to move the nomination of Leslie Southwich out of committee with a MAJORITY vote. Southwick's nomination was up for confirmation by the whole senate last week. It passed,59-38, with Feinstein leading the defection of 9 "Dems": Akaka (Hawaii), Byrd (West Virginia), Conrad (North Dakota), Dorgan (North Dakota), Feinstein, Johnson (South Dakota--why were we waiting for that shitheel to get well?), Lieberman (Independent-Connecticut), Lincoln (Arkansas), Nelson (Nebraska), and Pryor (Arkansas) voting with the PUKES!
More to the point:
What the fuck are the craven, Vichy Dems doing moving ANY fucking BushInc nominees into life-time seats on ANY-fucking-THING?

They should be naming post offices, not naming judges.
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Submitted by chicago dyke on

important and worthy of our support. yesterday i went over to DFA and voted for him as my "first choice" candidate (even tho he's not really) because i want to reward good behavior. even if he can't stop the nomination or the telco immunity bill, it's important for him (and any others like him) to know that a majority of americans agree with him.

the rule of law is worth fighting for, even in a lawless age.