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Do you live in Waxman's district?

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Rick Ungar reports that Rep. Ross is suggesting opening up Medicare to anyone who wants to buy into it rather than creating a separate public option bureaucracy. Even if you think that this is a diversionary tactic on the part of Ross it is a good sign. It would be MUCH more popular in 2010 than the puny public options that have thus far been proposed. Meanwhile Waxman is quoted as saying:

The idea of a public option was to provide competition, but opening up Medicare would be the precursor to single-payer. This may be an issue of semantics, but it would be very difficult to implement.

Actually it would be much easier to implement than anything else that has been suggested. If you live in Waxman's district please contact him, visit his district office if possible, and remind him that the California legislature has passed a state single payer plan twice, clearly the people in his district want this and that should count for somethign.

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Medicare has an existing fee schedule for people who have reached 65, but don't have the minimum of 10 years of paying FICA taxes to cover the cost.

The system is in place, all that is required is the authorization to accept new people.

This would be the fastest way to bring "a public option" on-line.

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we just had this discussion on mike lux's most recent thread so i won't repeat it all. here's the part of the thread (although i recommend the post and entire thread to get the full story).

please don't risk medicare to experiment with a public option in a multi payer system.

as limpidglass writes:

A real extension of Medicare would be to simply lower the age of eligibility to 50 instead of 65 and auto-enroll all those new constituents.