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Do you know any liberals who like Huckabee?

I dipped into the winger para-universe for a moment, and read an Op-Ed by Ann Coulter's Adam's Apple [DCOW] It thinks, or at least writes, that is, types:

No wonder Huckabee is the evangelical liberals like.

[Reach me that bucket, wouldja hon?]

Thanks. Now I feel better.

I get it. Ann Coulter's Adam's Apple is demonizing Huckabee. And since demons are liberal, Huckabee's a liberal. Is that it?

Where's that bucket again? I feel. Icky.

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So technically speaking, I'm a liberal who likes Huckabee.

"A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

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Just imagine the amount of bad karma Ann Coulter is accreting. By-and-by, when her schtick gets old, she'll retire on her millions...but she won't be able to avoid the consequences of all that bad karma. Believe it. Ann Coulter is going to be one very, very sorry-ass human being at some point.

Actually, I've been convinced for awhile that the whole thing is an act, that she probably believes absolutely nothing of what she writes, and her schtick is a pure mercenary service for the GOP.

If she was really as stupid as she sounds, she'd never have made so much money. She's doing parody, but her target audience doesn't get it.