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Do you have a Republican Senator?

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Steve Benen

'DELAY, DEFINE AND DERAIL'.... Roll Call reports today on what we can expect to see from the Senate GOP caucus as the debate over health care reform enters the final stretch.

Senate Republicans, acknowledging they lack the votes to block a health care reform bill outright, have implemented a comprehensive political strategy to delay, define and derail. [...]

The Republicans have been very candid that their strategy is to sabotage the Obama Presidency so that things get worse for American and Republicans can get back in power.

If you have a Republican Senator, please write a letter to your local newspaper saying that you expect him/her to work in good faith with Obama to make things better for the country. Extra points if you can document an instance where your Republican Senator actually said they wanted Obama to fail. It is past time they were publicly called on their unAmerican politics.

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"The Republicans have been very candid that their strategy is to sabotage the Obama Presidency so that things get worse* for America" - DCblogger

Unfortunately the "Obama Presidency" has been just as clear that it wants to reach the same goal* in a "post-partisan" way.

Obama was shoved down America's throat, he was not ready, he's pompous & arrogant, he hired lousy advisors and surrounded himself with the worst of them, he's PROVEN himself to be a pandering shill. Obama is running a right wing presidency. Obama is Bush's third term. DC why should I care if he gets knocked off, his drop in popularity is his own doing. with it DC.

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it does not have anything to do with what I or anyone else thinks of Obama, Senators should not drag down the country just because they think that they might reap short term advantage. Republicans get away with so much because no one hold them accountable.

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to fuel their victory, which is absurd since the GOP Senators are even more owned than the Democrats (it really has become a race to the bottom). Anything we can do to point out when either party is not advancing the people's interest is a good thing, IMO. Because it makes it more likely that the 98% of the people who are getting screwed will unite to take on the 2% of the people doing the screwing (and breaking out of the alleged "ideological/partisan" division that Versailles likes to pretend to exist when its really one big corporatist palooza).

I may be furious with the Dems, but that doesn't make the GOP any less of a disgrace. And they should be called out on it.

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they'll be as useless to their party (Cornyn's the chair of national GOP fundraising and now has three consecutive quarters of reaping less than last year to his credit) as they are to Texas.

Would that we could vote in Bill White.

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and I live in Cobb County, one quarter black and Newt Gingrich's old district, where Democrats, if they bothered to run anybody at all for state senate and state rep the last few times, were too chickenshit even to put "Democrat" on their yard signs. I remember asking a candidate who showed up at my door about that. He just stammered and looked at his shoes.

The same Georgia where the pro-war, corporate funded Democrats are so far right it's hard to tell them from the goddam Republicans. The last Democratic governor, who's the leading candidate this time around passed a "two strikes" law and wants it put into the state constitution, a sentiment shared by the number two Democratic candidate in the gubernatorial primary.

And don't tell me about running good Democrats in primary elections being the solution. I'm from Chicago, where we ran independent campaigns against the Daley Machine in primaries all through the 70s, 80s, 90s. Even when we won, the institutional control of big money has remained unassailable. Eventually they outlast and assimilate your candidate, or expel them, like Dems expelled Cynthia McKinney.

If Republicans are currently the party of "NO" Democrats are the party of excuses. They can't end torture, they can't stop the wars, they won't prevent the bailouts, they can't stop the wave of privatizations, and of course they can't do single payer. Maybe it's time for something completely different.