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Do you have milkweed in your garden?

You should. Here's why: "Migrating Monarch Butterflies Drop Ominously In Mexico."

In fact, make sure you support pollinators throughout. You're not just helping your plants reproduce, you're helping to save some species, especially bees.


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I haven't seen milkweed for ages around here in northern NJ suboonia.

So, how get it? It was everywhere when I was growing up in SE Wisconsin. I haven't been out there in warm weather for a long time, but I don't recall seeing dried milkweed pods while out x-country skiing.

What are other Correntians noticing?

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Here's a location for seeds:

I've bought all kinds of seeds there. They are in CA, and mostly have CA Natives, but they have other seeds for "summer annuals" plantings in other locales.

Front yard has two milkweed bushes, but they are "cultivars" from nursery center (bad me, I know.) So, extricating seeds from them may or may not produce a plant ('cultivar' "owner" may have "turned that option off," as it were.)