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Do They Not Realize?

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In heartbreaking news today, the Senate failed to overcome a filibuster to extend unemployment benefits to those throughout the country who remain unemployed. Why, you ask? Because those same folks who didn’t give a damn about deficits during Bush’s eight years, all of a sudden became “fiscally responsible”. Swell.

H.R. 4213, initially a jobs creation bill, has another extremely important amendment. Senate Amendment 4301 would extend much-needed jobless benefits to those around the country still unable to find work.

How important is it?

Well, let’s just say that a staggerin’ 1.2 million jobless workers will lose Federal benefits this month alone. I'm sure this just the icin' on the cake to those in Texas, waiting for months for delayed food stamps. And to those in South Carolina whose housing assistance payment didn't arrive due to “human error”. I’m just so sure this news will really help.

And why? To reduce the deficit? Really? Are these politicians (from both sides of the isle!) willing to go stand in the faces of the hungry and the homeless and explain why all of a sudden they give a rat’s ass about the deficit? I'd bet not.

The fact is, this country is tryin’ like hell to recover from the worst Recession / Depression since World War II. Currently, more than 600,000 fine men, women, and children go to sleep each night without the security of a roof overhead. And that’s just what’s reported. Apparently, that just ain’t enough for some folks in the Senate.

Nope. Apparently, 52 of America’s elected Senators, including at least 11 Democrats, suddenly have an issue with the deficit. Where were they when Bush’s tax cuts were passed?

Or how about the $1 Trillion given (off the books - not in his budget) to Bush’s illegal war?

Why now? Oh, that’s right… it’s an election year…. Disgustin’ bastards. I hope the Senators sleep well tonight. I hope they all donate immensely to their local food pantries and soup kitchens. I hope they volunteer their time in free clinics and childcare facilities. I hope they got a great bargain for their souls.
Okay, maybe I’m lyin’ on that last one… ‘cause I really don’t.

Do they not see that decisions like this will only choke out the minimal economic recovery we’ve finally been able to attain??? Do they not realize that those jobless benefits provide money for food and rent, which in turn, provides jobs for grocers and prevents landlords from going into foreclosure? Do they not realize that cutting off the money to those in need,increases the strain on homeless shelters, food banks, free clinics, and other governmental services to the point where, in turn, they could perish?

I guess the fact that these politicians need to get reelected comes first, right? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

So what now? Will they to water down H.R. 4213 like they did with healthcare and financal reform? Super. I’m sure those hungry families will appreciate that when they’re bein’ thrown out in street. I’m sure those sufferin’ children will really appreciate their Senator’s “born-again” concern for national debt.

I say, in the meantime, we spend everyday reminding our Senators of each and every person they’re hurting. Let's make one call for every person we know that is unemployed, underemployed, or unable to adequately provide for their family. Maybe then our elected representatives understand the importance of this legislation.

Until then, I hope that each and every one of them is forced to look into the eyes of a hungry child and explain why dinner just ain’t happenin’ tonight.

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Submitted by a little night ... on

Please don't pretend there was!

They didn't "fail to overcome a filibuster". they failed to... I dunno ... muster a supermajority in advance of a vote. And how could that happen? I can't imagine!

I think one of the ways to be weak is to give in to this idea that "threat of filibuster' = "filibuster", and I for one don't buy it. Make the fuckers read the phone book into the Congressional Record.

And anyone who has been following knows I have avoided the actual F-word until now. Gloves off, mes amis!

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Submitted by madamab on

The Dems do what they want to do, and use the filibuster as an excuse. Extremely weak argument when no one is actually standing there for 15 hours doing a Jimmy Stewart.

But Mayberry, your larger point about the lack of compassion in our Congresscritters is dead-on. They are stuck in their super-wealthy bubble and they just do not get it. Hey, they've got free healthcare for life, baby!

Heartless bastards.

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Submitted by mass on

You give them out, people spend, they go right back into the economy, government collects tax revenue, it's a wonderful thing. How much exactly do they think this will shave off the deficit? These people are unreal. They have no problem with funding endless, needless wars. But a few bucks for the unemployed? Come on. The most dispicable comments came from DiFi, who said something like, keep giving out these benefits pretty soon people won't want to work and McCaskill who said we need to pare down these benefits during the recession because "'this is not something that can go on indefinitely." Easy for her to say. Honestly, to hear Democratic women talk like that is appalling.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

Roll Call vote on motion for cloture

I will the above, Dems should make these guys filibuster, make them sleep on cots on the floor of the Senate. We would not have such filibusters if they actually had to carry them out.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

I burned out making calls to the bastards after health care but maybe I will pick up the phone and rally over this as you ask. Bastards. Like to give them a piece of my mind about their pro-AIPAC treason, too.

Sadistic government we are at the mercy of. Non-empathetic, right madamab? Sigh.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

at this point I think that letters to the editor is our best chance to change public opinion. Members of Congress watch L of E, so your letter, if published will get noticed. Even if it is not published, editors notice the mail.