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"Do Not Kill” list petition

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This is too awesome (h/t Glenn Greenwald)

We petition the Obama Administration to:

Create a Do Not Kill List

The New York Times reports that President Obama has created an official “kill list” that he uses to personally order the assassination of American citizens. Considering that the government already has a “Do Not Call” list and a “No Fly” list, we hereby request that the White House create a “Do Not Kill” list in which American citizens can sign up to avoid being put on the president’s “kill list” and therefore avoid being executed without indictment, judge, jury, trial or due process of law.!/...

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and double-woot!

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on the secret kill list - The Republic has died. Let’s decide how to commemorate those responsible. Post your ideas!

On another day we will discuss what we can do next. Today we can commemorate those most responsible for this historic event, the two men who changed the course of a great nation: George Bush Jr and Usama bin Laden. Partners in crime; perhaps some day Hollywood will made a action flick with them as odd couple buddies.

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You can't sign a petition unless you create an account and sign in. Thus facilitating tracking and targeting if the Capo is not amused.

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Sorry for lack of attribution here - I'm hoping it will stay up for at least a few hours.

We'll see what happens.

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I signed up, but I didn't see where I was supposed to create a password, had to try several times to just get a way to find where to create a password.

Sucky, sucky, sucky.


But I signed and it was closing in on 1900.