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Do Not Go Gentle Into Congressional Oversight

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Do not go gentle into congressional oversight
Old email should be burned, not saved at close of day
Rage, rage and invoke your rights!

David Broder, the wise man his time is near
His tongue forked, prose dishonest suggests you
Ignore the subpoenas because he supports the right.

Bad Men, in waves, crying in fright
Their deeds worthy of 10 years in Pelican Bay
Raged, raged and invoked their rights

W's men who were caught, singing like birds in flight
and learned too late, pardons were on their way
Do not answer summons without a fight.

Brave uniformed men, near death who gain sudden insight,
Bechtel and Halliburton hasn't properly equipped them.
They raged, raged, and invoked their rights.

And you, W, my father, there on the sad sight,
Curses, Waxman has a subpoena for Rove delivered today
If you want Karl, bring it on, I will put up a fight.
Rage, rage and invoke your rights!

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We may not make any money, but we certainly know how to have fun!

No authoritarians were tortured in the writing of this post.

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Submitted by trifecta on

Close enough :)

Hey at least I didn't take pottery as a major. That's for the real slackers!*

*I am joking. Pottery is a very worthwhile field.