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If you've been following our excavation into the matter, and the cesspool of interwoven corruption, suspicious activity and probably criminal involvement this entails--and if you haven't, geez, what are you waiting for?--I'm not going to tackle a big recap at this hour of the night. But there's a story you gotta read. It's the work that has been doing, and they've been working on it for two damn years now, making me feel very late to the party indeed.

Just two things: If you have a dKos account, go to this diary and hit the "recommend" button. It's at the top of the list as I write but it really needs to stay there through tomorrow if we can manage it. Doesn't matter when you see this, go hit it anyway.

The same story at the original source is found here at ePluribus, and you need to hit this one too except instead of "recommend" you need to punch the little blue box just under the headline that says "Buzz It."

This will get the story on (or help it move up) Buzzflash, which will likewise help get it out to people who may not read ePluribus (I am ashamed to admit I never had, in fact I had barely heard of it which proves I am a morAn indeed). The other will help it catch those who at least scan the Recommended column at Kos, which (oh admit it) is damn near everybody.

Thank you. Oh yeah, be sure and read the story (same one crossposted at both places.) It advances the narrative we've been giving here, provides details which will thrill the navel of any IT/comm geeks who might be reading, AND has some connections we never made. For starters, the name of one Mike Connell. You'll see who he is in the story, but if, Goddess forbid, you don't go read it, trust me. You'll be hearing more about him soon.

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Excuse me?

Ohio's election results were routed through a private GOP domain before their ultimate destination?


Was Ohio an important state in the 2004 election?

Most gracious and welcomed particularly to a group of diggers who goes as deep as we do and with such results as you all have achieved.


Please do check us out at ePluribus and if you'd like to, consider cross-posting there. I'd love to have Karl over an open fire on our front page!

If you've not seen it, take a look at Ken Blackwell Outsources Ohio Election Results to GOP Internet Operatives, Again since the terrain is familiar to you all. Maybe the unlinked reference above just means you all have seen it enough to not need the link so pardon my presumption in any case.

I've got some exploring to do!

Thank you!