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Do any of the police departments in the St Louis area use Stingray?

What is Stingray? Techdirt:

Harris Corporation's Stingray cell tower spoofers are swiftly becoming synonymous with government lying. The FBI has specifically instructed law enforcement agencies to lie about the use of these products, which basically puts the agencies in the position of lying to courts when producing evidence or securing warrants.

Law enforcement agencies would probably lie anyway, even without the federal government's nudge. Many chose to read the restrictive non-disclosure agreements Harris includes as meaning they should withhold this information from local courts -- rather than simply seal the documents or redact them.

As the ACLU points out, Stingray (or "Sting Fish") usage had long since surpassed the "emergency use only" restriction -- if that ever existed at all. Routine investigations utilize these devices all the time. Just one of several examples: when the Tallahassee police department's use of Stingrays came to light, the court noted that it had deployed the technology (without a warrant) more than 200 times, with less than 30% of the deployments being for department-labelled "emergencies."

So, when you see a Tweet like this, you just have to wonder:

(Harris Corporation, as we see above, makes Stingray. And a device that spoofs a cellphone tower so it can suck up all your cellphone communication, is most definitely "telecommunications equipment.)

Here's the entire document mentioned in the tweet; it's a depressing window into the banality of the national security state. Wading through some of the gobbledegok, I notice a deliverable called "Risk Profile," which is apparently a survey sent out by DHS to rank the top 100 metropolitan areas for funding purposes. Gee, I wonder how the incentives are structured?