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Go read Dr. Andrew Coates:

Regrettably, that the “public option” has been given attention at all is but a measure of how deeply our culture has surrendered to neoliberal ideology, the ideas popularized by Ronald Reagan. It is a lie that the market will always provide, most especially when it comes to health care. So why would some of our friends still seek to revive the false promise of the “public option”?

Marie Gottschalk, University of Pennsylvania Professor of Political Science, identified the psychology at work. In a remarkably prescient essay written in late 2009, she compared health reformers in the United States to victims of the Stockholm Syndrome, in which hostages identify with – and even defend – the hostage-takers.

We ought to reach out with sympathy to our friends who have fallen captive to Ronald Reagan ideology and say – Do not resuscitate the “public option.” It is time to let it go.

(h/t, a kind tipster via DU private messaging)

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assisted suicide - don't you think this over-used, greatly-weakened, deliberately manipulated-for-cash and bamboozle-rific bumper sticker slapped on the car with water-soluble glue needs - no, wants - to just die already?

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DNR, indeed:

The White House released their health plan. It didn't contain a public option. Their health plan didn't have to be the final say, it could just be a negotiating document, but they didn't even bother to put it in, to pretend they wanted it. Contra Ezra, they did lead, they expressed their preferences. They may or may not publicly beat back a public option if it shows any chance of being revived in the Senate, but they have made their desires known.

Gawd knows, as both a single payer advocate and one who experienced WWTSBQ in full force during the primariez, I'd be the last person to tell the advocates of [a|the] [strong|robust|triggered]? public [health insurance]? [option|plan] to accept defeat and "get over it." Or would be, if the intellectual dishonesty and petty thuggery of those access bloggers who were funded to shill for it hadn't been so very evident throughout the process.