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Divide and conquer: Do OWS and the Greens really want to pit the churches against food stamp recipients?

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Occupy Wall Street is circulating an infographic that pits churches against food stamp recipients. And people who should know better are promoting it:

This is what lambert calls strategic hate management. If churches did not have exemption from property taxes they would disappear. The first amendment would lose its meaning if religious observance were made too expensive to be practical.

The reason we do not have a meaningful social welfare system is not that churches are exempt from property taxes, the reason we do not have a meaningful social welfare system is that the uber rich don't want one and been very successful at derailing any attempt to build one. Any political coalition to build a meaningful social welfare system will have to include millions of religious voters, which is why infographics such as that are created, to derail any such coaltion. Anyone who fails to understand that is unclear on the concept of solidarity.

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And for some weird reason the link to Platt didn't click through so I embedded the tweet instead.

So, readers, click through and help Platt understand!

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question. How many churches helped out at OWS and were they the big brand names or the small ones that haven't forgotten their training? I'm only asking so I know more about this.

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What do you mean big brand names? I don't know about NY City, But in DC New York Avenue Presbyterian, Church of the Epiphany Episcopalian, St Stephens Episcopalian, and Plymouth UCC, all provided food, laundry and showers for demonstrators along with other logistical support. If you follow single payer politics you will notice that almost all of the local meetings take place in churches.

but even if it didn't, so what? really, so what? The reason we don't have a social welfare system is not because churches have tax exemption, it is because the kleptocracy has successfully blocked all debate, derailing with strategic hate management. Solidarty means turning away form strategic hate management.