If you have "no place to go," come here!

Diversity of tactics

Rule #1 seems to correlate rather neatly with Newton's First Law.

Assuming any of this is legitimate, of course. But when you mask yourself and dress up in an anonymizing costume, who can know what's legitimate?

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where did you find this? It is really terrible, but entirely predictable.

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Thank you, Mr. Riley, for speaking truth to stupidity. "Occupy Oakland" has become a racist, destructive, very bad joke. "Ya! Ya! Let's go fuck shit up in Oakland!" because it's only Oakland, right? It's just a ghetto anyway, but man, when you've "occupied" Oakland, you've really made your bigtime Anarchist bones.

All these out-of-towner vandals have BECOME the reckless, careless, hateful colonialists they're pretending to protest against.
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what, did your car get
anon - Tue, 2012-10-09 14:57
what, did your car get smashed or something? or is it really the banks, city hall or the cop shop that you are defending.
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Not my car, no, but my
anon - Tue, 2012-10-09 15:26
Not my car, no, but my neighbors' cars. And how about Rudy's, a locally owned chow place, which hires a lot of our local teenagers? You haven't established your Anarchist Utopia yet (as if you'd ever put it in Oakland...LOL!) and in the absence of any other reality, some of these kids really need those jobs. And they don't need to be terrified by a lot of cowards breaking glass and accusing them of being "the enemy."

And how about the local artists' community, having to defend their venue against the likes of YOU? During a memorial service, no less! Don't you fools check the local events calendar before you swarm down here with your moods and 'tudes and bricks and hammers and bats?

Occupy where YOU fucking live! Oakland is beyond tired of your asses. This city is not just some worthless trashcan for you to show up, piss all over, tear up, and then escape back to the safety of your dorms or suburbs. Stay the fuck out of here and, when the mood strikes you, have the REAL courage of your convictions, and shit in your own yards.
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That's the phrase I love.

I mean, who knew violence could be joyful? Outside of Hannibal Lecter I mean.