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In the ditches, caves, and mass graves

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That's where the Bush gulag bodies are, Lambert. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. The ones not yet decomposed are resting, not in peace, somewhere Cheney probably could show you.

As early as 2005 we knew the George W. Bush regime was running a gulag, and we knew not everybody in DC including Sen. Richard Lugar thought that was the greatest idea since sliced white bread and peanut butter. Human Rights Watch had the goods on at least one of the Ghost Air planes by November '05; as Lambert points out in his stickied (and comment-proofed) repost above today, there were 26 air planes in that operation. That's a whole bunch of transport. By April of that year 108 deaths were known at Guantanamo, and the world press -- NOT THE US PRESS, NOTE -- was reporting that the US authorities were refusing to prosecute at least 17 murders by US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, even though the Army's own equivalent of district attorneys urged such action.
During about the last six months of the Bush administration, sources such as Chris Floyd began revealing that the War on Terror hadn't just failed, but would keep failing as long as dishonesty reigned over conducting so flawed and ambiguous and un-American a campaign.
Make no mistake. The bodies are out there somewhere. But it's highly unlikely they remain recognizable as bodies. Remember all those "mass graves" that kept turning up in Iraq? Maybe there's more there than met the eye at first glance.

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or is that just this foreign machine i'm using?

in answer to the questions that Sarah is answering in LB's post, i have to add:

d) "recruited" and forcibly made to work as informants in the War on Terra. some of them are still alive, and i'd bet a dollar that they now are working "for us," informing on their old groups and associates, perhaps known to be plants, perhaps not. "intelligence" has been redefined over the last eight years, and these people, after being tortured for years, are 'ideal' candidates for positions as spies and plants and other agents for our intel ops people.

e) working in other places, which i will term unmentionable here on this Family Blog. you know what i mean. when torture is "fun" and "sexy" to the torturers, and they have boatloads of money, no oversight or fear of persecution, the ability to flit in and out of all sorts of nation-states with the cover of being part of the MIC branch that is 'fighting the war on terror' and thus free from customs inspections, and they have some ready...gimps, for lack of a better word- yes, i just went there. i don't think it's so ridiculous to suggest. cf: Vitter, Two Wetsuits Good dood, the self-described "Master" who taught sex-slave classes and was also one of the Bush appointed 'weapons inspectors' in the spinup to the invasion of iraq, etc.

f) general slavery. we're naive and close our eyes to it, here in the land of the SCLM, but slavery is very real, very alive, and very profitable, in the world today- all of it, not just "third world" countries.

g) some combination of all of the above.