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Dispatches From Mars

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Mars, bitches!

Leon Wieseltier, literary editor of the The New Republic and a general critic of bloggers, rejected the "complexity" explanation.

"Why would you expect complexity from bloggers, left, right, or Martian?" Wieseltier wrote in an email to the Forward. "They are not in the complexity business on any issue. Maybe the problem is not complexity but complication — the way in which sympathy with Israel's campaign against Hezbollah, and therefore with the use of force, might complicate their lives in progressiveland, where they live."

From The Prose of Counter-Insurgency:

Quite clearly the author's separation from his subject matter and the difference between the time of the event and that of its narration have done little to inspire objectivity in him. His passion is the same as the soldier who wrote..."Kill every one; not quarter is to be given." The (writer's) attitude to rebels is in this instance indistinguishable from the State- the attitude of the hunter to his quarry. Regarded thus an insurgent is not a subject of understanding or interpretation but of extermination, and the discourse of history, far from being neutral, serves directly to instigate violence.

Bloggers, Arabs, what's the difference?

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