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Dishonest advocacy

Jack Crow:

All that non-violence, and the cops were still sent in to swing their batons.

Sheesh. Can gawd make irony that's too heavy to lift? As if non-violence advocates made that claim. Jack Crow is too excellent a writer not to know when he sets up a straw man. Just sort of tactics our 1%ers and their lovely employees use! I suppose we're trying to replace one set of lying weasels with another? Have at it!


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Submitted by Jack Crow on

...or is it a "dishonest advocate"?

Anyways, the key argument about non-violence, made right here at Corrente, was that it deprived the enemies of OWS, the cops and the press with bad optics, a narrative which alienated the so-called majority, and a justification for violent reaction.

Good to see that it all panned out exactly like that.

Submitted by lambert on

I didn't call you a liar. I called you a dishonest advocate; that's what a purveyor of straw men is. You then compound the error, if indeed it is an error to you, with your response. You're too good a writer not to know the difference, of course.

Well played sir! Let's get the agreement on this, and then we'll sort out the rest, eh?

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Submitted by okanogen on

Maybe Jack was objecting to the reference to a "lying weasel" seeking to replace the lying weasels of the 1%. I also took that inference.

Doesn't make his original argument against nonviolence strong, it's still laughable and dishonest, since nobody here said anything like that, but he's not wrong that the way you wrote it implies he's a liar and weasel.

For what it's worth. Jack has apparently left the building for the time, so probably can't rejoin.