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DISemployment is the elite policy of choice

It's not an accident. So, what Avedon said:

Everyone, including the Republican rank and file, knows that small business is where the jobs really come from. So what does it mean when: "Nearly nine months after its formation, a $30 billion government fund to foster small-business lending has yet to pay out a single dime, even as the nation struggles with traumatic levels of unemployment." It means they don't want you to have jobs.

I love Eschaton's "Maybe somebody should do something" riff, but it rather misses the point, no?

Somebody is doing something. They're maintaining DISemployment at a 10% nominal (20% real) level as far as the eye can see. Versailles views those flat-lined unemployment charts as a success and a happy outcome. And so what if a lot of peasants get ruined and die?

I think the personal answer is to get off the grid. And so what if that means consumption numbers tank? I think the public policy answer is the Jobs Guarantee: A Federal job for anybody willing and able to work. It's not like there isn't work to be done: Look around.

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and attainable goal. Only the Predator State doesn't like it because the workers "get out of hand". Put people to work on meaningful productive projects like fixing the $2.2 Trillion in infrastructure, schools, hospitals, bridges, affordable rentals, etc. Have government spend on subsidizing worthwhile consumption on food and clothing by raising old age pensions and giving family allowances. In other words, make things more equal by raising up the standards of living for all. What does the government get? A healthy nation. Less disease, less infant deaths, less mental health issues. Check out the correlations between inequality and mental illness. Our Rich are rich, yes. Sane, not so much.