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DISemployment beat down...

... and resilience. Nice story from Pravda.

Nice story, but four fucking years late, which is how long the economy's been in the crapper, thanks to President Fuck You. I mean, we expect the Rs to beat down the peasants; that's what they're for. And as it's turned out after Obama and the OFB threw the base under the bus, that's what the Ds are for too, except they're sneakier and more dishonest.

UPDATE Also too, Izvestia:

Maybe that’s because Washington is richer, on the whole, than any American state: it has a per-capita income of $71,011, compared with the national average of $40,584, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis. And the geysering income streams that support Washingtonians are reliable in good times and bad.

Combine Versailles not experiencing depression directly with a political system that selects for sociopaths, and it's clear why there's not a whole lot of help on the jobs front.

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