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Dingle to retain control of health care in the House

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Reps. Waxman, Dingell in power-sharing deal

Incoming House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) and the old bull he ousted from the post, Rep. John Dingell (D-Mich.) have reached an unusual power-sharing arrangement.

Waxman will cede to Dingell the lead role in drafting health reform legislation, a major priority for congressional Democrats and the incoming Obama administration, the two lawmakers announced late Thursday afternoon.

Neither Waxman nor Dingell are cosponsors of HR 676, so I have no idea what significance, if any, this has for single payer. Tomorrow is national call your Representatives district office, so don't forget.

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--that's all i know of Dingell in terms of health, but i guess it just means that Kennedy and his allies are really totally in charge of health on all levels, no?

Kennedy/Dingell Medicare for All Act

still Rangel is ignored i notice -- and he's Chair of Ways and Means (for now, at least).

Obey too, i guess -- he's Chair of Appropriations -- and also the Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies -- is he any good on health?

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and furthermore it shouldn't be called medicare for all. it keeps the insurance system we have, plus adds yet another layer of bureaucracy -- ordinary citizens would be able to buy into a system like fehbp. fehbp [what government employees have] isn't all that great for lower-income people, plus the kennedy-dingell plan doesn't even let us buy into that pool, it sets up a new, separate pool modeled on that one.

obey is not a cosponsor of hr 676, but rangel is. give him a call tomorrow and thank him!

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they did it knowing it would never move or become law anyway, so i'm not at all surprised.

(still working on the pics btw--i always take too many, and always have to tweak too)

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i'm still working my way through the ones you've already posted. i've been alternating my computer's wallpaper between your photos of spain and some other guy's photos of greece.

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(some ppl i know don't like my pics bec of my tilting the camera all the time, and taking shots while i walk by something i like without stopping, etc--they'd rather see dull horizontal/vertical prettier framed pics, i guess ---i needed the compliment today too --thanks!)

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i especially like the tilted ones.

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and every year has introduced a national health insurance bill - the same bill his father, who held the seat before him, began introducing during the New Deal.

Dingell was also a major player in getting Medicare passed, and the original CAFE standards. He's been as effective or more effective than Waxman in terms of oversight over the years.

I'd be willing to wait and see what Dingell proposes before writing him off - he's been one of the more consistently liberal members of Congress over the last 50+ years.

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Submitted by Damon on

Thanks for posting that. I haven't agreed with everything Dingell has done particularly in the past few years (he seems to be simply holding/filling a seat, these days), but he is consistently one of the more liberal members of the Congress. It also doesn't hurt that he's from my home state.

Hopefully, his neighboring (and also long-time) congress colleague, John Conyers, will bring him over to our side. I'm glad to see Waxman working with Dingell, because after the battle the two of them just have, we haven't exactly been too happy with Waxman, to put it lightly.

Let's just put it this way, Conyers has a much better job of working on and changing the mind of he fellow Michigan colleague than he does the Congressman from California.