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Did you say "Chump"?

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Did you say "Chump"? Please allow me to direct you to the Head Chump presiding at Chump Central.

Please read the following* (first read the warning below):

It seems to me that the progressive blogosphere is useful to the Democratic Party and liberal interest groups because it is a free source of media counterinformation to the crap the corporate media spews out on a 24-hour basis. But, the progressive blogosphere is actually more concerned with amplifying critiques of the Democrats because the Democrats are unwilling and unable to feed and tend to their base. So, we're now more a part of the problem than we are part of the solution. Some people have a degree of self-awareness about this situation, but the majority do not. Yeah, it would be great if the Democrats were more willing and able to do the types of things we advocate, since most (but by no means all) of the advice we provide is solid. But since they're not doing it, we're just piling on and helping to demoralize the troops.

As usual, when you start counting up the stupid, the inane, the self-conflicting, the imaginary, and the inaccurate, you loose count in the first sentence. Booman is basically stupid distillate. A concentration of stupid so dense it creates its own gravity field, collecting even more stupid. Soon he may become a black hole of stupid. A stupid singularity if you will.

*SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING!!! Prolonged exposure to stupid this concentrated is not recommended. The EPA has not yet determined a Threshold Limit Value for stupid, as it is has not previously existed in these concentrations and the effects are still unknown.

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Stupid distillate. I love that. Of course, if you're Shakesville then the word stupid is not allowed cuz (<---not allowed) it's disablist, or ablist, or Who The Fuck Knows?

Booman=Shakesville=All in=vomitous

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Please stop me from commenting over there. It will be ugly and will cement my bad reputation.

Halp. J/K.