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Did John Fund stop beating his girlfriend?

Apparently, not soon enough. American Politics Journal:

The civil trial of conservative pundit John Fund on charges of abusing former girlfriend Morgan Gell (née Morgan F. Pillsbury) is under way.

Mr. Fund, according to our source, looked subdued, a bit deflated and drenched in sweat as he entered a courtroom at 111 Centre Street; Ms. Gell, who is late into pregnancy with her second child, appeared amazingly unruffled and relaxed as she chatted with her attorney Gary Fish.

Four years ago, the ugly denouement of the Fund-Pillsbury relationship became the grist for gossip columns and Internet political and celebrity chat rooms following the publication in September 2001 of an article about John Fund's caddish behavior toward Ms. Pillsbury and her mother by renowned investigative journalist John Connolly. The article was accompanied by a damning taped telephone conversation in which Mr. Fund and then-Ms. Pillsbury heatedly discussed an abortion. In February of the following year, Mr. Fund was arrested following allegations by Ms. Pillsbury that she had been physically abused by Mr. Fund.

Or maybe "Morgan" got tired of being called "OfJohn" ....

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