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Did I shave my legs for this?

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A "public option" update from the Museum of Bad Art of the Possible.

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That said, it made me try to do the google for really bad paintings on velvet that were really popular way back when. Artist's name was Keene, irrc, but damme if I could find evidence for my memory.

Nonetheless, that is a great link to MOBA!

Keane paintings?

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and best one-line post evah!

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I read the closer to the OL piece you posted (written by Chris Bowers)

The closer was "At this point, we don't really have any other option."

Okay, then, I got my instructions! I'll just roll over. /s

Uh, /s = off snark. I know you know that, but I add that info for those reading from the Beltway, who may not be familiar with HTML. I'm not, except in a very limited way, course.

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- does anyone know the recent history of this? I surfed a bit on and the Congressional Record, but it seems it would be very time-consuming to find out whether anything has passed the Senate with fewer than 60 votes in recent decades.

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There's no need for a "nuclear option". Not yet, anyway. First, for God's sake, MAKE THEM FILIBUSTER!!! This mealy-mouthed whining about "Gosh, if they aren't for the bill, they could filibuster" is so damn lame, no wonder they're crawling around the Senate.

My druthers is actually to do away with the filibuster altogether. Requiring a super-majority for progress puts paid to progress most of the time. But the excuse of using a purported need for a super-majority to put paid to progress is even worse.

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I started losing faith in the Dems about the time Reid and the Dems hinted at making the GOP filibuster after the Dems won the Senate in '06 but not only failed to make 'em do it, they caved. I forget the exact issue (there were several), but seeing as how they wouldn't even try to do what's right because the GOP threatened them got me wondering if the Dems gave a shit about anything other than the Dem-GOP revolving power cycle. I've come to strongly believe now that they (both Dems and GOPers) use the spectre of the other Party to go along with the Village status quo. the Dems and the GOP just seem to be factions of the same Party who use faux divisions to do whatever the fuck they want, which is to fuck over the people.