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Did I call my shot on CIA distraction and misdirection, or what?

At 7:18AM this morning, I wrote on the CIA's release of the family jewels:

And you know the “everyone does it” battle is going to be fought out on the ground of a winger hate figure, Kennedy, right?)

And at 11:22AM [DCOW] Captains Quarters' sadly predictable Ed Morrissey comes through right on cue:

Bobby Kennedy Approved CIA Tap On Journalists

It's almost as if there's a VRWC or something. If it's not another missing white woman, it's a winger Hate trigger. Anything to distract from holding the conservative movement accountable for what the Bush administration has done.

And, so fucking what?

That's what, over 40 years ago? If we're going to go back to 1963, why not go back to 1863 and refight the Civil War? (Although, I grant you, there are days when I think we're doing exactly that.)

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