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Did Cheney shoot some WaPo copy editor in the face?


Via Big Orange, Laura Rozen on WaPo's series in Shooter:

A careful reading of the story of Cheney's coup against a feeble executive reveals that paragraphs 7 through 10 were written and inserted in haste by a powerful editorial hand. The banging of colliding metaphors in an otherwise carefully written piece is evidence of last-minute interpolations by a bad editor whom no one has the power to rewrite. ... Seriatim "softenings" show that jamming it into the paper at the end of June, when only cats and the homeless are around the read the paper, was made at the last minute.

I'd say a butchered headline is a sign of last-minute haste as well.

Looks like this series will be fertile ground for analysis.

UPDATE They've fixed it now. But the point's been made.

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